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  • for people wanting to jump start
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  • for entrepreneurs wanting to move
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Executive Coaching to create and develop entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship.


With a focus on entrepreneurship.  Bright Spark Inc. is a Vancouver based coaching and management development company, that helps people and companies achieve and excel through the development of entrepreneurial skills, aptitudes, attitudes and beliefs.  


Entrepreneurs are a breed apart.  They have vision, passion, and a thirst to succeed.  They create, innovate and act on their ideas, problem solving as they work toward their goals.  Although they have a reputation for working alone they often work collaboratively, pulling in the people and expertise they need to achieve.


And an Entrepreneurs very first question when they have an idea or spot an opportunity is ‘do I WANT to do this?’, and if the answer is yes then they work out the ‘how’; massaging obstacles into opportunities and relentlessly pursuing their goal until it is achieved.


Some people are natural entrepreneurs but what isn’t well known is that entrepreneurs and the skills, aptitudes and attitudes they possess can be made.  Anyone including organizations can acquire entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, aptitudes and beliefs and then use them successfully to grow and develop their life, their business and their career.  


With a philosophy of inclusiveness BrightSpark Consulting Inc has the capability and capacity to deliver coaching and self-development solutions individually, locally and nationally while maintaining a personal approach.


Here’s what one of our customers says - reproduced with kind permission:


"Working with Julia helped me see the forest from the trees. Not only is it a tremendous load to sit down and candidly speak about my work from A to Z, Julia posses the rare ability to ask questions that bring about clarity and then direct you to find the solutions to your own challenges, creating self-reliance and empowerment. My work with Julia was a turning point, not only in my work, but created a shift in my life as a whole. Anyone who is considering whether they can afford investing using Julia as a business coach, should be asking themselves if they can afford not to "

KH - CEO and Entrepreneur

We help you identify and release your passion, set your goals and then achieve: Releasing your brightest spark.

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I am not a human being,

- Friederich Nietzsche 


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